July 2010: The Royal Loyals, Sienna Gallery, Lenox MA

A Jeweler and a Painter

We are two artists simultaneously developing a narrative.

A Duet

A shared vision, performance and process involving a constant dialogue between the two of us.

A Collaboration

An affair evolving from our friendship, shared interests, and a similar language and approach to our work. We are in an alliance to each other at the beginning of our careers.  

Mentors as Muses

A collection of work created about three admirable lives. Not lives of power or status instead individuals who do what they love and succeed at it. 

Admiration Fuels Inspiration

The imagery of the work is dictated by characteristics of their personality, references to their art, and our own conceptions of them.

Illusions of History 

For us the allure of antiquated objects and images is undeniable, and their obscurity provokes us to create imagined histories for them. This is the mystery we intend to embed into our own work with narrative imagery that invites the viewers to build a story in their own minds. 

A Conversation 

The viewer, the subjects, the work, and the makers are all involved. 

The subjects are essential to the existence of the work, not only as inspiration, but also as motivators in our careers. 

Tangible objects connect the viewer to the paintings while the paintings provide a setting for the jewelry. 

The viewer becomes part of the narrative when they become a wearer.